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Community First

Money is not best spent locked away in an investment where it has little impact until removed. Far greater investment opportunities exist that allow investors to make a positive social impact while earning a strong return on investment. O’Hara Developments, exists to create high-performing investment opportunities that grow and improve our communities. Our investment dollars allow us to provided educational programs through financial literacy, higher quality living, and community engagement.

Community Partners

O’Hara Developments is proud to partner with a broad network of businesses and nonprofit organizations who share our strategic vision for creating positive change in the community. Every investment opportunity uses a unique combination of our community partners to fully execute our strategy. Through this network, we are able to construct much more than buildings; we repair and grow communities from a 360 degree approach.

Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
Building and Construction
Financial Planning and Education
Health and Nutrition Education
Food Access Programs


It is essential that our investors gain a beneficial return. We ensure we are competitive in our return rates and are always keen in keeping that promise.


O’Hara Developments is primarily developing on the East Coast with a vision to grow into a global initiative.


We are dedicated to uplifting neighborhoods by partnering with key leaders of those communities.


Our services include financial literacy programs, homeownership classes, and healthy eating programs through the expansion of green spaces which are truly priceless.

Growing Investments

What if your money could change lives while it grows? The opportunities exist – and you can find many of them right here. O’Hara Developments carefully and strategically selects the right partners and projects to make every investment a valuable opportunity, both for the investor as well as the community. We take a portion of all profits and donate them into schools, recreation centers and the improvement of green-spaces. We also select options that provide our investors with tax deferred or tax exemptions on their capital gains.


You can participate with O’Hara Developments through sponsorship or community development. Please complete the form below and an investment advisor within our team will contact you. (Investors must provide a certified letter confirming their status as an accredited investor.)

Building communities one block at a time

1800 738 8349
10 E North Ave, Baltimore, MD 21202