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Growing Communities

Money is not best spent locked away in an investment where it has little impact until removed. Far greater investment opportunities exist that allow investors to make a positive social impact while earning a strong return on investment. O’Hara Development Partners, exists to create high-performing investment opportunities that grow and improve our communities.


Competitive Investment Returns

It is essential that our investors gain a beneficial return. We ensure we are competitive in our return rates and are always keen in keeping that promise.



O’Hara Development Partners is primary developing on the East Coast with a vision to grow into a global initiative.



We are dedicated in partnering with key leaders of communities who are making changes in their neighborhoods.


Our services include financial literacy programs, homeownership classes, and healthy eating programs through the expansion of green spaces which are truly priceless.

Growing Investments

What if your money could do something great while it grows?


The opportunities exist – and you can find many of them right here. O’Hara Development Partners carefully and strategically selects the right partners and projects to make every investment a valuable opportunity, both for the investor as well as the community. Whether you’re in a position to invest $20,000 or $2 million, there is an opportunity for you to make a positive social impact while growing financially.


Would you like to learn more about transforming opportunity into impact by investing with O’Hara Development Partners? Please complete the form below and a member of our team will reach out to you.

Invest in economic change.