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We are truly for all 


We Believe In Building Communities One Block At A Time 



The community projects funded by O’Hara Development Partners creates jobs, as do the various other organizations O’Hara Development Partners partners with to support the community through outreach and education. The community impact of this economic development is far reaching and lays the foundation for sustained improvement and growth for years to come.

Girls Carrying a Recycling Bin

Environment Focus

Our investment opportunities keep the environment at the forefront of every decision we make. From the style and structure of real estate development projects to community education and outreach, we are intentional about seeking ways in which we can implement changes that preserve and restore the environment.

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Building &

Our investments build much more than bank accounts. With the financial backing provided by O’Hara Development Partners investment opportunities, we provide the catalyst for change in local communities. Building and rehabilitation projects are carefully qualified and selected based upon their ability to positively impact the community and produce a return on investment.

About Us

O’Hara Development Partners brings together a unique team of highly skilled individuals. Our blend of experience and expertise allows us service every step of your investment.

Group Planting a Tree

Growing Communities

Money is not best spent locked away in an investment where it has little impact until removed. Far greater investment opportunities exist that allow investors to make a positive social impact while earning a strong return on investment. O’Hara Development Partners, exists to create high-performing investment opportunities that grow and improve our communities. Our investment dollars allow us to provide educational programs through financial literacy, higher quality living, and community engagement.

Growing Investments

What if your money could change lives while it grows?


The opportunities exist – and you can find many of them right here. O’Hara Development Partners carefully and strategically selects the right partners and projects to make every investment a valuable opportunity, both for the investor as well as the community. We take a portion of all profits and donate them to schools, recreation centers, and the improvement of green spaces. We also select options that provide our investors with tax-deferred or tax exemptions on their capital gains.

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